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Paper Lion Ltd
Cross-media literary agency

About Paper Lion

Lesley Pollinger and Katy Loffman first met on a plane to Moscow, for a Society of Young Publishers Study Tour of Russia. We have worked together for many years, and started Paper Lion together in 2017. Before Paper Lion, Lesley ran Pollinger Limited, a family authors’ agency of three generations, and Katy was a digital publishing consultant and rights specialist. Our combined skills give the new agency a unique cross-media focus.

We have a particular interest in projects which cross the digital divide in one direction or another — books that would make a good game, games that would make a good book, or projects that should be both at once.

As well as our long experience as authors’ agents, we also offer specialist consultancy services such as:

Contracts and rights consultancy, film consultancy, content acquisition
Advice on contracts old or new, drawing up contracts, or negotiating on your behalf for all media, including film rights and digital rights.  We also advise on rights strategy for authors, companies and estates.

Copyright forensics and restoration
When rights have changed hands multiple times, or lain dormant for years, copyright laws change, companies disappear, and things can get complicated. We know how to unravel all kinds of intellectual property issues, including chains of title and copyright restorations. We have a particular expertise in US copyright law.

There are occasions where we may advise that self-publishing is the best route to publication. When an author wants to self-publish we facilitate that with our POD and ebook imprint, Dandelion Digital. See what’s involved on our Dandelion Digital page.